Do you have spider or varicose veins? If so then Ashton medical can help you get rid of them today with a safe and low pain medical procedure.

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that takes around 30-45 minutes (depending on the area being treated)

It involves putting a very fine needle into the veins to be treated and injecting it with a solution that causes inflammation followed by the vein collapsing.

Once the procedure is complete the client will be required to wear a compression sock for up to a week to ensure that the veins have collapsed and there is no pigmentation.

Sound painful to you? Ashton Medical can report that 90% of clients walk out smiling with another 5% reporting minor pain

Generally clients only need 3-4 treatments and can come at intervals of once a month. So if you want to get back to wearing shorts or just increase your body image give Ashton Medical a call today and see how we can get rid of those unwanted veins!