Endovenous Laser Treatment

One of the most effective ways to treat spider and varicose veins is through the use of lasers. With a proven success rate of 98% it’s no wonder people are lining up to get this procedure done.

It is a simple and straightforward procedure in which one of our specialist doctors maps out your veins using an ultrasound then uses a medical grade laser to close off the valves of unwanted veins.

This in turn seals off the vein and causes the vein to die, reducing the bulge while your body uses its natural responses to absorb the vein back into the body.

This procedure is very popular as it causes minimal discomfort, no general anaesthesia needed, both legs can be treated at the same time and causes minimal interference with work and home duties.

Similar to other spider and varicose vein procedures endovenous laser treatment requires you to wear a compression stocking after the procedure to ensure the veins are closed up and limits the bruising. Now can you see why endovenous laser treatment is becoming more popular?


So if you want to shut those veins up and get on the road to looking and feeling better give Ashton Medical a call today on 02 9553 4411